Make Teaching Easier With An Interactive 6-12 Mathematics Curriculum

Available through the Kiddom education platform that makes in-class and distance learning a breeze. Built by teachers for teachers.

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A single platform to deliver high-quality digital curriculum and engage students at home or in the classroom.

Make Teaching Easier With The Interactive 6-12 Mathematics Curriculum

How Kiddom Helps You Keep Students On Track With Ease

No more clunky PDFs, copy & pasting files, or browsing Google Drive folders.

Teach your students the importance of task management and allow them to become more independent.

Save time on lesson planning with our pre-packaged curriculum by Kiddom. No need to reinvent the wheel.

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The Comprehensive Education Platform That Supports Learning at a Distance

Kiddom is more than a place to access digital curriculum. It's an all-in-one platform that puts everything teachers and students need in one place. Use it to build lessons, activities and assignments, as well as for instruction, assessments, and communication. 

Simple Grading & Real-Time Assignment Data

Digital question types that allow for automatic grading and quick feedback.

Record audio/video instructions and feedback without having to leave the platform.

Easily log in and check performance reports by student and class.

Grade assignments with rubrics that students can see. More data than the simple letter grades.

The Perfect Fit For Your Lessons & Students

Host virtual classroom sessions 1:1 or in groups via audio, video, and screen sharing.

Build and share interactive lessons & assignments students can access from their laptop or phone.

Mass-assign projects and automatically generate documents for each student.

Allow for student-centered discussion with class group chats. Share lesson materials and instructions in just a few clicks.

Trusted by schools and districts of all sizes

Engage Students at Home or in the Classroom

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All The Top Curricula. One Simple Platform.

Ready to go with top-rated EdReports curriculum partners. 

IM-certified math curriculum delivered on a dynamic digital platform.

Illustrative Mathematics K-12

Math Curriculum by IM-Certified Kendall Hunt

A balanced, flexible approach to provide teachers with the content they need to engage and challenge students.

Fishtank Learning 3-8 Math Curriculum 

Highly-rated K-12 IM-certified math curriculum delivered on a dynamic digital platform.

EL Education K-8 ELA Curriculum

Open Up Resources 6-12 Math Curriculum

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As well as the ability to create or import your own curriculum, align it to standards and augment it with Kiddom's library of over 70,000 engaging resources. 

Want to see how?

The Future of Digital, Personalized Learning

Interactive 6-12 Mathematics curriculum, instruction, and assessments, all in one platform.

Deliver standards-aligned, highly rated open curriculum to students, or build and share your own.


Contextualize and modify open curriculum to meet the needs of diverse learners.


Make assessments fun and interactive, and provide teachers with data to differentiate instruction.


Show parents areas for improvement with digital progress reports and assignment statuses for their kids.

Motivate students by showing them exactly how much they’ve learned and how much they've improved.

Identify where your students are struggling so you don't waste time reteaching things or move too fast for them.

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Why Math Teachers Choose Kiddom