“I can see where my class and any student is at any moment in their educational journey. This way I can take action to assist them to work towards mastery.”

Brian Albrecht
4th Grade Teacher

Digital curriculum is now a necessity. Kiddom provides teachers with high-quality resources and assignments they can easily access, edit and share with students to ensure continuity of learning.

The Best Way to Access High-Quality Digital Curriculum

Teachers already adopted Kiddom

"Kiddom sets up a utopian condition for our teachers and students to thrive. Our teachers feel supported, rather than overwhelmed, and students feel their individual needs are met."

Geoff Schmidt
School Director

“Kiddom supports my work in the classroom by making differentiation intuitive and simple.”

Mrs. Sossong
Special Education Teacher

Trusted by schools and districts of all sizes and instructional practices

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Kiddom Connects Curriculum to Student Achievement Data

Have you ever experienced data days? Long hours spent gathering and analyzing data from multiple sources... What if measuring curriculum efficacy and identifying gaps in learning wasn't so time-consuming and happened in real-time?

To enable that, Kiddom built a unique platform bringing together curriculum and learning management. This is what it means for your school community:

Ensure Continuity of Learning Through High-Quality Digital Curriculum

Trusted by schools and districts of all sizes and instructional practices

Our focus is building flexible and easy to learn tools that teachers love to use.

School admins & curriculum developers

Get real-time data on student progress across classrooms

Build curriculum and share it school-wide

Measure curriculum usage and performance


Can fine-tune curriculum with vetted resources from our library

Share best practices with fellow teachers

Share assignments with students & access real-time mastery reports


Get personalized content based on their specific needs

Know exactly what's expected & how they perform on each standard

Can communicate directly with teachers and ask questions

Say Goodbye To PDFs

Stop wasting time copy-pasting files and getting lost in Google Drives. With Kiddom, your curriculum is in one place, and available via desktop and mobile.

Say Goodbye To PDFs

Share directly with teachers and create equitable learning experiences with a common starting point.

Teachers access all units and activities right in Kiddom, where everything is already aligned to standards.

Manage curricula across your entire district or school.

Contextualize Instruction for Any Situation

Contextualize Instruction for Any Situation

Teachers can edit all aspects of the curriculum to make lessons more relevant for students. Then, right from Kiddom, they share assignments and keep track of student learning progress. 

Easily edit curriculum or add supplemental content from our library of 70,000+ standards-aligned resources.

Provide a personalized learning experience even at a distance: give additional support or enrichment to specific students based on mastery.

Grade assignments in Kiddom and maintain a clear view of students' progress at all times.

Engage Students to Take Ownership of Their Own Learning

Engage Students to Take Ownership of Their Own Learning

Students feel connected to instruction thanks to engaging activities and easy communication features.

Share fun, interactive lessons and assignments students can access from their laptop or phone.

Keep the discourse going online and engage with students via chat or by attaching videos to lessons. 

Allow students to work at their own pace while maintaining a clear view of their grades and skills they can improve upon.

Bring the Best Digital Curriculum to your School

Kiddom Will Help You Transition Back to In-Person Blended Instruction

Curriculum Teams

Curriculum teams will easily adjust curriculum scope, sequence, and teaching supports for the curricula's intended schedule.


Teachers keep their hard work in Kiddom and will be able to adjust grading methods and lessons for students to work in-person again.


Students will still use Kiddom to access lessons, take assignments – whether in class or at home – and view their mastery reports.

"The Open Up Curriculum was already written and ready to use in Kiddom. When school closed, I was able to go in and edit the curriculum to something my students could do via distance learning. I knew that would save me so much time, all I had to do was adapt it to meet my needs at the time."

Melanie Gillingham

Teacher @ Bethel School District

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High-Quality Core Curriculum, Available Digitally

Highest rated math curriculum by EdReports, with a near perfect score

Includes assessments and practice problems with multiple choice auto-grading feature

Resources to support differentiated learning, ELLs and students with disabilities

Open Up Resources Math 6-8


EL Education K-8


Assessments and differentiated support to address all of the language arts standards

Pioneering approach to ELL support with ‘Language Dives’ and ‘Conversation Cues’

Top rated by EdReports, and rated Tier 1 by the Louisiana DOE

Build or Import Your Curriculum


All standards are pre-loaded in the platform for easy alignment.

Easily find supplemental content from Kiddom's Content Library of +70,000 resources.

Use Kiddom to build lessons, activities and assignments.

New Communication Features to Support Learning at a Distance

Teachers Have a Variety of Ways to Connect With Students

Record audio/video instructions and feedback without having to leave the platform.

Send existing audio, video, and image files as attachments to instructions or feedback around specific assignments.

Host virtual classroom sessions (1:1, group, full class) via audio, video, and screen share calls when you upgrade to Kiddom Live.

Record audio and video to complete assignments or leave comments on assignments.

Submit existing audio, video, and image files as attachments to assignments or on feedback around specific assignments.

Attend virtual classroom sessions 1:1, by group, and entire class when you upgrade to Kiddom Live.

Students Have a Variety of Choices to Express Themselves

Kiddom is more than a place to access digital curriculum. It's an all-in-one platform that puts everything teachers and students need in one place. That means curriculum, instruction, assessements, and from now on, communication.